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1.Automatic telescopic fishing shrimp trap, convenient and simple, no need to install, easy to use. Just pull the string on the top and the net will be automatically opened, quality and durable steel wire support, button device-the net folding when pressed.
2.Fishing net trap with 360┬░Double-decker design, great for catching smelt, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp and crawfish. Special large zipper design for easy take out the prey, it can be folded into a small size, lightweight and portable.
3.Putting some baits in the middle bait bag, sinking the net in the river, then put some other baits in the river above the net, in order to let more fish swim into trap, put away the net from the river when lots of fish swim above the trap net.
4.The fishing net cage is fold-able, convenient to carry. It is economical with simple structure. Special zipper design for easily taking out what you caught suitable for capturing all kinds of fish.
5. This product uses a thick umbrella stand, durable and not easy to rust. It is handmade with exquisite polyethylene mesh. There is a shrimp inlet between every two ribs. The large external space and small internal design make it easy to enter, but for fish, shrimp, crabs, etc., it is difficult to enter the outside.

6. The bottom of the cage is designed with a fishing hole and a bait bag, and is equipped with a high-strength zipper to improve durability.
7. When using, just tighten and clamp the strings. After use, just press the button, it will automatically fold, easy to store.

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