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S80MH Spinning 8FT (2.44M) 2 10-70GM PE 1.5-3 225GM
S90MH Spinning 9FT (2.74M) 2 10-70GM PE 1.5-3 250GM

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Great entry rod to challenge shore lure game! Designed to target wide range of fishes that can be caught from the shore.  With no effort spared in the development the NEXAVE SHORE CAST, fieldtesting was specifically done with the aggressive game fish species in India. Good casting performance for a whole day of fishing, easy and intuitive, suitable even for beginners.  Ergonomically designed grip to increase casting and fish fight comfort. Fully equipped with quality Fuji components, such as reel seat, rubber butt and stainless steel guides which are double-wrapped to maximise durability.  Last but not least, the NEXAVE SHORE CAST rods are competitively priced and turns heads even from afar with its distinctive electric blue styling that runs across the whole shaft.

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