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  • Realistic Appearance And Movement – Frog bait is designed to look and move like a real frog, with a lifelike appearance and realistic movement in the water. 2 colorful legs creates some surface ripples, looking like a hurt frog in upper water wandering. This can make it more attractive to fish.
  • Great attraction for many fish including bass, snakehead, trout, pike.
  • High Quality – The frog lures features high-quality components and a super soft hollow body. The hook is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can ensure that even large fish cannot break free. When being bitten, the soft plastic body squished down easily and expose the sharp hooks to pierce right on fish.
  • Weedless Design – The weedless design means it glides in and out of thick cover easily and driving fishes crazy to come out of water to strike.
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