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1.100% Fluorocarbon
2.Daiwa’s Pallarel Line System
3.Made in Japan
4.Very high abrasion resistance
5.Low memory
6.Perfectly matched with J-Braid

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The more Fluorocarbon that hits the market, the more demanding anglers get. As greater numbers of anglers have come to use braid exclusively, and as braids have become more technologically advanced, anglers want the same faultless performance from their leaders. What use is a top shelf braid fishing line with an unreliable leader.Daiwa J Thread FC Fluorocarbon is very supple and delivers outstanding fishing knot strength thanks to the low-memory core. The outer layer is treated to ensure excellent abrasion resistance.We all think about the value of abrasion resistance whenever considering new fluorocarbon leaders. Getting tight into the structure, natural and man-made, does tremendous damage to weak fluoro which can cost a lure, or even worse, a prize catch. We certainly can forget about teeth. How many anglers have had there hearts broken as a 95 cm flathead saws the final cut through poor leader material just before netting. With Daiwa J Thread FC Fluorocarbon for sale now, you can be better positioned to avoid this nightmare.The benefits of a supple feel and low memory should never be underestimated. Losing a fish or lure to poor knot strength is infuriating. With mediocre leader material, you are never quite sure if it was a poor knot, or the ordinary fluoro. If you rig up with Daiwa J Thread FC a lost lure or fish from a poor knot can only every be blamed on the knot creator.For the total confidence in your leaders, choose Daiwa Fluorocarbon for all of your rigs.

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